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A very very very bad person who lives in Australia polishing his Kangaroos and not only held what is known as the greatest party of all time, he did it while wearing 'famous' sunglasses as underoos.
"Hey guys im Trindacut, the coolest guy in this hemisphere"
by win123 January 28, 2008

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'Trindacut' is a name reference to one who is the 'greatest' or 'victor'. When titled 'Trindacut', it takes the place of his/her entire name. 'Trindacut' is often preceded with a 'Sir/Madame' or 'Lord/Mistress'.
"You will be henceforth known as " Lord Trindacut".

Trindacut buried his sword into the cowering foe beneath him.
by Trindacut March 08, 2007