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A tri-tipped, spear-headed cock, measuring 4 feet in length. Typically not used for intercourse but more for battle and hunting.

Also can be used to slay raccoons, ie: Theresa.
Did you hear,johnny took out a whole raccoon family with one swoosh of his trident cock?

Did you see that trident cock brawl after school in the parking lot?

That bitch got beat down by that guy's trident cock!

Where did he get his trident cock from?
by Daroastery October 22, 2008
6 1
a 4 foot penis with trident spear tip.
not typically used for intercouse but more for battle.
1. Paul has a huge trident cock

2. dude have u seen the blades on his trident cock

3. yo man check out my trident cock stab wound
by Cassie J September 12, 2008
9 2