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A Trick Ass Skiz-Ank is the absolute skiz-ankiest of all the skiz-anks. No normal skank can stand up to the awesome power that is the Trick Ass Skiz-Ank. In the hoe-underworld the Trick Ass Skiz-Ank is more of a super hero. No trick ass bitches, sluts or even ordinary Skiz-Anks can go toe2toe with this mega slut. The Trick Ass Skiz-Ank is the true epitome of all that is skank, the essence of a true bitch, and the ugliest damn thing you will ever set eyes on!
"Holy shit dude, that Trick Ass Skiz-Ank is coming this way, whadda we do!?"

"Dude settle down, it's not a Trick Ass Skiz-Ank, it's only Godzilla."

"Oh shit man, for a second there I was worried"
by Jake Andrews February 24, 2005
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