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Is a sex position where you have three people one male, and two females. The male is on the bottom laying down, while one female is facing towards your feet and giving the male a blow job, as to where the second female is sitting on the male's face while he eats her out and the female giving the blow job lifts her legs over the other female's shoulders and lets her eat her out. Therefore this forms a Triangle.
Triangular Three

1. Having male and two females. The male in laying flat on the bottom.

2. Female number one faces towards male's feet giving him a blow job.

3. Second female sits above male's face and facing the first female's vagina while he eats her out.

4. Second female then lefts up the first female's legs over her shoulder and eats her out.

5. This forms a Triangle leaving everyone receiving oral.
by 2Devon B November 27, 2010
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