1. To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures.
2. To deal playfully, triflingly, or superficially with.
3. To seduce without apprehension.
4. To not recall by choice.
Triks arent for kids theyre for Rhia.
by FunTimes July 20, 2006
Top Definition
A skillful act or experience that pleases any of the senses. An aberration of the word "trick" used as an adjective to describe a trick done to please the senses through visualization, feeling, sound, taste or smell.
"Dude, did you see that guy jump from one skyscraper to the next, it was so trik!
by JmanJohnson March 27, 2015
Slang for Kankakee Illinois, a town selected as the worst city to live in in the United States and Canada. See Kankakee, Kankacrappy, and Kankakee Birthday.
Victor: Let's grab a burger at Micky D's in Tri K off I 57.
by Tri K Guy November 20, 2009
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