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Lead singer/screamer of the "band' Pacific Skyline. He is a "scene kid' that dropped out of beauty school and can not take criticism. He bases his band's success on how many likes they get on facebook, which result from the constant whoring of themselves everywhere. He claims that his band is "the best on the coast" and that the band will get them somewhere and has been saying this for years. The only I place I see them going is nowhere fast. The band has only played one live show and got boo'd off the stage, but still claim these things. He has no job, is always bumming off of people, and says that Haters do not phase him, but if you post anything negative/disagreeing/criticizing about his band you get block forever on facebook. Basically, he needs to grow up, stop thinking this band will make him famous, and get a life. His name can be used in instances where you are in a situation facing something/one you don't like so you run away from the problem. You can use his last name if his full name does not work.
Man, if you don't stop hating on me I'm going to 'Trevor Cardone' you!

I'm popular because I 'Cardone myself everywhere.
by A watcher who watches. September 23, 2011
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