(n) A native american or person of otherwise indian heritage who is forced to have sex with trees because his wife is too unatractive.
"Hey i'd be a tree fucker too if i had a wife like that!"
by Rob reiner April 03, 2008
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I came up with this word out of the blue. I don't know if anyone else has ever used it before or not. It came from me cussing out my guy friend's friend while text messaging. I said something to the effect of "Tell that asshole to go fuck a tree." I put the two words together and it just stuck. I still use it to.
"Bob, that treefucker just ran into the back of my new escilade, yo!"
by punk_grl86 September 05, 2004
Someone who gets turned on by trees and bushes and constantly fucks them.
'oh yes, tree, baby, i love you' *in exhausted voice*
by Sarah April 01, 2004
(noun) a more extreme version of a tree hugger who must follow all of the following criteria:
-enviromentalist (tree hugger)
- activist
- vegan/vegitarian
- hates people who eat meat
- physically active
- knows too much about our waste and how it effects on earth.
A tree fucker is most likely wearing cargo pants and is a failure politician or a geography teacher.
"Why does my teacher have to be such a tree fucker. I'm going to fail just because I eat meat."
by atomic.bomb. February 08, 2009
dendropilliac. Sad, sorry, red neck, mixed up and confussed tree fuckers.
A tree fucker is as literal as you can get. take offense
by Otorisaber July 24, 2006
see lkay

has sex with trees alot
<Laurence-CC> I like to fuck trees, goats and sheep
by [c0x0r] August 10, 2004

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