The worst place imaginable. It is given a cool name so that you think, "Oh, Treasure Planet. I could go for some Treasure, and I do love planets." It is a trap. You'll end up there and all there will be is a bunch of homeless dudes ready to inject themselves into you.
Dude, that TreasurePlanet sucks balls!
by D4Diggz September 26, 2010
Top Definition
One of the best, and underrated, Disney movies ever made. An exciting story about adventure and finding yourself. Paired with an amazing score by James Newton Howard and original music from John Rzeznik, this movie is beautiful. The imagery is stunning and the story is wonderful. The characters are sure to steal your heart and this hidden gem is sure to leave you wanting more.
"Have you heard of Treasure Planet? It's amazing!"
"God, Treasure Planet is such a good movie."
by _Morph_ May 19, 2013
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