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1. A person unable to wrap their minds around the fact that you don't need a gym membership to be or stay in shape.

2. An idiot or tool who frequents Gyms, mainly for the purpose of picking up on people.

3. A jerk who takes personal offense to persons lounging in comfy fitness wear.

4. One of those douches from "Jersey Shore"
Person#1: So I was at the Quik Stop getting a pack of smokes and I was totally getting the stink eye from some Treadmill Gerbil in under armor wear, probably because I was wearing my yoga pants, yanno the ones that my mom got me? The really comfy ones. And my reeboks.

Person#2: Ugh, I hate those people. I don't think they even know how to run off of a treadmill.

Person#1: Yeah...running down a street around a block might cause them to have a conniption, they'd probably stand on their front stoop wondering where the "start" button is.
by Not Anna Blume March 21, 2011
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