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A 360 kickflip that is landed cleanly and stomped. A tre flip is a 360 pop-shuvit with a kickflip. See Mike-Mo's Fully Flared part on youtube for an example of a tre bomb. A tre bomb can also be a tre flip down a steep hill such as the ones in san francisco.
Dude! Bobby threw down a tre bomb the other day! or I beat Glen in a game of skate because i threw down the best tre bomb ever!
by Sk8erboi1569 January 01, 2009
In Basketball making a three point shot.


Stroking a triple from no mans land
Damn Trevor has been dropping Tre' Bombs all night long
by Kanks80 August 10, 2007
a commonly used slag for skateboard trick that involves and 360 degree turn of the skateboard and a kickflick at the same time
andy bomarchais did da best tre bomb down the 12
by tony yayo February 07, 2005
to make a three pointer, to hit the three
sam gross: sammy g can hit the tre bomb all day long, doc tres doc tres"
by king of three October 03, 2007
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