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Someone who galavants around doing trashy things. Usually while intoxicated. Trashbucket's tend to travel in groups or packs like wolves. They generally wear tight slutty clothing, dark makeup, and model big hair. You can find trashbucket's at bars, clubs, lounges, parties, and other venue's where bucketing can be accomplished.
(Deb) Have you seen those trashbucket's Jill, Kaitlyn and Kalia today?

(Elissa) I believe I saw them making out with the gyro guy after hitting up the bars.
by bucketeer1 June 09, 2010
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"Hey, check out the backside of that girl from Passaic" "Wow, that's one decent trash bucket"
by johnnymaher April 21, 2008
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shoes that are dirty, old, and horribly scented
"Ok, now I'm ready for a jog now."

"Eww dude, what is on your feet? Take those trash buckets off. The stench of them is about to make my nose bleed."
by JMayzin September 13, 2009
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