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Some one who is tacky, disgusting, and tasteless.
Sarah is a trashbox.


I will let you finish your interview with this trashbox.
by GingerFaceless December 09, 2008
A term for the administering semen (trash) into a pussy (box)

The term originated sometime in 2012 in an IRC chatroom for a famous underground website that has since been seized.

TrashBox is also a term used to call self-proclaimed men who are suspected of trolling as a female. According to some the real TrashBox is the only real female on the dark web, well-known for her ability to turn any conversation over to sex.

And although the term's use was orignally restricted to a small group of about 200 people who frequented the chatroom; now this phrase is even starting to show up in ameatuer porn.
I filled her trashbox with my precious load.
by Jesus Christopherson September 29, 2014
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