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A bomb-ass female.
The baddest female.
She is loyal to her friends,lives for her family,and gives no fucks to bitter,petty bitches.
She also enjoys listening to trap music.
CL is a trap queen imo.
#trap music #cl #fuck #bomb-ass #baddest felmale
by OG Trap Queen May 04, 2014
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loyal, respectful, and wise women. both street smart & book smart. respectful to her family and, friends. loyal to her lover. she has style and admires, many haters but considers them fans.
My Girl Is A Trap Queen
#boss #coo #keeper #beautiful #life
by upLikeATrump March 03, 2015
A girl who is dumb enough to risk her life guarding a trap house for her drug dealing boyfriend that doesn't give a fuck.
My rival gang shot my trap queen and took my goods.
#trapqueen #trap #drugs #gang #gangster #weed #cocaine #traphouse
by Baebritt95 April 22, 2015
A witty or street-smart female, usually with an urban flavor or appeal, who is loyal and resourceful . Baddest female superior to petty affairs and bitches. She is down to do what is needed for her friends, family and man. . Capable of sass, class, and trash. She enjoys hip-hop, urban and trap culture .
I told you she was a trap queen because she worked a job and a hustle to hold all of them down when her man got locked up.
#synonyms baddest female #bottom bitch #ride or die female #ghetto queen antonyms skank #gold digger #backseat boo #hoochie
by Falcon H March 02, 2015
Women / girls who live in the projects and/or sales drugs out of her home
You see that trap queen over there at apt 4, she has all the goods (Drugs)
#drug dealer #bando #hood pharmasists #dealer #ratchet
by Stupidity 92❤ February 22, 2015
A female, who's loyal to her boyfriend, and is intelligent. She takes no shit from anyone and rides for her man.
Babe this female keeps trying to talk to me and I already told her I'm cuffed. " What's her name? I'm going to talk to her about what's mines the hell. " trap queen
#ybb #young #beautiful #boss #yif #intelligent #female
by 💎Trap Queen ♕ March 03, 2015
A retarded woman who accepts her man spends most of his life in custody. She also accepts when he is not in custody he is for the most part a waste of human life.
The Crip/Blood and his trap queen spend their time getting high and being worthless.
#trap #queen #trapqueen #rap #worthless
by Jamesg September 03, 2015
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