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Transvestite Clowns are girls that wear so much make-up, they look like drag queen clowns. They are usually HIGHLY insecure girls that nobody likes. They are whores and sleep with everybody. They're names usually end in vowels. They are also oblivious to the fact that nobody they know really likes them. They treat their friends like shit, but claim to be the best friend in the world. They also love having something to hang over your head, so they are always willing to lend money or give "forgiveness" for things they feel like you have to done to them. They are self-centered narcissistic whores that think the ENTIRE world revolves around them. Not only will they sleep with your boyfriends, friends and family members, they are also known to sleep with their OWN family members (uncles, dad-figures, etc.) and have no remorse for doing such. They can't keep a man longer than a week and somehow manage to lure boys/men with the promise of free (albeit, nasty) sex. They will sleep with your boyfriend, husband, brother, daddy, uncle, cousins, friends, and anyone else who is dumb enough to not see what a dirty whore she is. Eventually they have children that they don't take care of. They drug their children so they are more manageable. They don't help their children in school so they fail retarded grades like preschool and kindergarten. They also don't potty train their children until they are 6. They pop pills constantly and lie about it often.
Have you talked to bitch nuggets today??

No. That transvestite clown is probably at the beach with her dumb bitch mom, too fucked up to know her kids are drowning in the beach.
by ProperH8R April 15, 2011
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