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A lesbain female trapped in a mans body; Many times unnoticed since the male will appear to be straight.
Maxwell Stevenson may look straight, but he is really a transgender lesbian.
by Michael Sulima February 26, 2007
Being born a male and being attracted to females but is mentally a female so the person gets a sex change.
Max feels like a transgender lesbian because mentally he feels like a woman and is attracted to women.
by Luna ShadowDragon April 03, 2007
A transgender woman that dates other women. This doesn't make them a straight man with a fetish for dresses. many trans women don't wear dresses and don't act like men. they may or may not have sex like a straight man typically does, but often prefer not to, finding it uncomfortable. there are many people who assume otherwise, and this often affects how hard it is for a trans woman to date.
Sarah is a transgender lesbian, she only dates girls. (trans women go by female pronouns)
by remsaverem December 20, 2011