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Trained Noob is a name given to a noob which has been trained thus making him/her better. A noob can not pass the stage of trained noob if he is beeing trained. Ask a great man once said "You can train a noob but he'll just be a trained noob."
Man your a trained noob
by Luke Carroll April 25, 2005

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A trained noob, is a noob gamer who has been trained by a pro gamer. Since pros and noobs have different brain chemistry, the trained noob will never be as good as a pro, but might do very well against other noobs.
You can train a noob, but he'll only be a trained noob, he won't really be pro like me. You got to have something different, its like in your head, and in your eyes and stuff.
by Austelle March 09, 2011