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1. Jeep 4x4s are tested on the toughest trails in the world to prove one thing: THEY CAN TAKE WHATEVER YOU DISH OUT. The Trail Rated badge means that your Jeep 4x4 has been designed to perform in five categories of off-road conditions: traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation, and water fording.

a way to describe you that your ass is on the highest level of badness. or to describe a person or thing at the strongest level.
nick: i heard you bought yourself a new auto.
jim: yeah, it's a ford escape hybrid suv with four wheel drive.
nick: too bad it isn't TRAIL RATED like my Jeep.
jim: (starts to cry)

sally: what are you doing?
tina: i'm stealing your dog.
sally: you can't do that.
tina: bitch, i'm TRAIL RATED. i do what i want.
by millertim April 26, 2007
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