It really is Tragic: the Gathering (what the fuck is "the gathering" any way?)
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
Top Definition
A term of negative repute for a game that truly is worth playing. It requires practice and stragetic thinking to get good at it. The judgemental asshats who have never played magic and seem to think it's cool to DOWN on the game around other people who are DOWNING on it should shut up and try to play the game instead of avoding it and insulting it's brilliance at every chance.
When I am older I might enjoy a game of magic with one of my kids.
by LarstaiT November 12, 2003
The card game played by ghouls through the game Fallout 2, but had no real use in the story.
Dude! I won 30 bottle caps for a half hours worth of Tragic.
by LoGiKaLxLiQuiD June 29, 2003
A trading card game brainwashing fat, bald 45-year-old comic collecters and young teens alike.
<MungMunch> You're playing Magic: The Gathering? How tragic.
<TubeOfBalls> Yeh, wel, aglaest we haev fwendz LOLZ!
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 02, 2003
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