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Synonym for a half puerto rican, half black car mechanic. Altough associated with the African American and Mexican races, said mechanic ironically dresses in Polo Ralph Lauren. Altough this seems to be a condradiction due to his social status, a "Trae Colon" would live in a rich neighborhood(see Cville) where lacrosse, aka laxxx, is the preferred sport of choice. A "Trae Colon" also has the potential to randomly and spastically shout out "Shhaaaapppppp!", refering to his mechanic shop where he is employed. On a side note, Trae Colon is a pimp (See Andrew VS).
"Brah, should we chill in Jville or Cville tonight?"

"No dude, lets chillax with Trae motherfucking Colon."
by chillaxervs April 20, 2005
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