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a store that has mostly white people
i went to Trader Joe's and i saw lots of white people!
by janettttttttttt February 20, 2006
66 71
One of the coolest grocery stores in existence -- home of two buck chuck, the Pound Plus chocolate bar, and some of the most creative TV dinners in the known universe.
by Brian X July 09, 2003
183 54
A grocery store that deals in mostly organic food. Lots of white people. Everywhere.
I went to Trader Joe's and was swept up in a crowd of whiteness.
by matchflame July 28, 2004
189 62
A unique grocery store with wonderful products from around the world with outstanding prices and customer service.
by R.W.P. September 23, 2003
115 33
a food store that offers a fine variety of foods to many people. the staff are generally funny people. every product they offer has been tested for quality, and they make sure that their products are good in every way. they also do not sell "third party" foods, every thing is grown/harvested/made by them.
Trader Joes pomegranate juice is the shit
by sean arsefaceLOL May 25, 2008
71 25
When two gay guys fart in each others mouths and then make out.
Look at those dudes, they just did the trader joes.
by big man g June 10, 2009
13 50