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Traddleton cars, the creator of fine quality cars and also the snazziest tractors this side of Italy.

I first had the idea for my enterprising cars whilst still a young student in Devon. Like Mr Lambourghini, I decided to buy a tractor making factory. Thus, Traddleton inc. was born. From this small, family run business, I expanded onto bigger and better horizons, and started the development of my first sports car, Traddleton 1. This, once built became an international success, and I made my first million outside of the thriving tractor industry. Currently, Traddleton cars has an international turnover of £2.45billion sterling. Currently, my projects for this year are setting up my own formula one team, to buy out Toro Rosso. It is going to be a good year for Traddleton enterprises.

Peace out.
I well want to get me one of those bangin' Traddleton sports cars.

Dude, they are going to be in the F1!
by Traddleton May 17, 2009
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