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The original style of goth that developed in the 80's. Fashion, make-up, accessories, and hair are a mix of vampire style, punk, glam, and BDSM. Articles of clothing can include fishnet shirts, mesh tops, fishnet stocking, vinyl pants, skirts, and tops, trench coats, military jackets, funerary clothes, zoot suits, and leather jackets. Nearly all trad goths sport the ever classic and varied styles of teased, backcombed dark hair. Classic inspirations on trad goth styles are: Peter Murphy, Daniel Ash, Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Johnny Slut, Olli Wisdom, and Patricia Morrison.
Sitting around under a shady tree in the park on a hot sunny day are a group of goths of varying styles. When suddenly, the notice a goth whom they had never seen before walking his dog.

Victorian goth: He's certainly an unusual fellow....I don't think I recall seeing him around before.

Colonial goth: Is he a goth? He certainly gives that vibe. But kind is he?

Death Rocker: His hair is all teased up and sort of spikey but without the gel.

Rivethead/Industrialist: He's wearing a dark trench coat.

Corperate goth: Yes, but he's wearing a white dress-up shirt underneath.

Cybergoth: But look what's underneath the shirt! Why it's a meshtop!

Victorian goth: But what sort of goth is he?? He has so many mixed styles!

Romantic goth: Oh! I know what type of goth he is! I just remembered! He is what is known as a "Trad Goth". The originator of all the other gothic subtypes from the 80's!

The other goths sit there in amazement.
by Jakegothicsnake January 14, 2010
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