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An athlete who participates in track. Additionally can be defined by extreme dedication and athleticism. Not to be confused with a jock, the tracklete is a true athlete and does not brag or talk shit before or during competition, opting rather to just win and let his or her actions do the talking. Often given a hard time by jocks who play team sports (which is a minority, as most participants of team sports are athletes) the true trackletes are never really insulted or disrespected out of overall admiration for their efforts and/or skills, which the jocks realize they cannot truly begin to compete with.
Jock: Dude he's been streching for like 30 minutes, what a pussy
Athlete: Yeah, but I bet you dont run a 10.3 in the 100 meter so I'd shut the fuck up... Its what he does... he's a tracklete.
by Jered March 14, 2006
This word quite literally translates into 'awesome,' but it also means an athlete of the running persuasion.

Frequently, when surrounded by running buddies or teammates, a tracklete will have a tendency to go insane. The effects are, but not limited too:
-Forgetting how to pronounce simple words.
-Laughing uncontrollably for no explainable reason.
-Trying to laugh without smiling.
-Encouraging and/or enforcing group sing-a-longs.

A common misconception of a tracklete is that all members of the species enjoy running. This is, of course, a heinous accusation. Another important detail to note, being cheered on MAY cause a tracklete the desire to punch you in the face. You have been warned.
Bob: Today in Cross Country, this kid was leading a pack of trackletes while running with an American flag he plucked out of someone's yard. It was hilarious.

Sue: My best friend is a true tracklete. Today while running, she stopped and said she had been bitten by a 'mos-quit-ti-te-ti-toe.' She meant 'mosquito.'
by trackleteftw August 24, 2009