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A little pearl like ball, in a Blackberry (cellular phone), which makes navigating easy, but can fall out if you don't take care of it, which is a pain in the ass.
Josh: Wow, your Blackberry has a Trackball?!

Mike: Whats so exciting about that?

Josh: Mine still has a scroll!

Mike: Lucky, I don't take care of my Trackball, so it often fall's out.
by rain the pain November 08, 2008
1. A condition which occurs when a male running in a track meet fails to wear supportive underwear, and the testicles bounce freely.

2. The plural for a type of computer mouse that involves a stationary ball that rotates to move the cursor.
1a. "Man, I wore boxers instead of tighty whities when I ran the 1600-meter today. I've got a bad case of trackballs."

1b. "John didn't want to have sex; I thought it was because he was cheating on me, but it turns out he just had a bad case of trackballs after freeballing it at the track meet."

2. "I prefer trackballs to typical mice because I'm a loser that plays World of Warcraft 24/7."
by Jim_Philly December 15, 2011
A slang term for a woman's clitoris.

The motion of moving your finger over a woman's clitoris as you would do with a trackball found on a Blackberry mobile device.
I spent most of the time watching the movie with my hand down my girlfriend's pants. Trackball all day, baby.
by upuratut April 22, 2011