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A term used for a female who hangs out in the pits at any type of race track ( usually a circle-track or a drag strip) for the sole purpose of getting seen with the winning drivers.
A track-ho trades sex for the priveledge of being seen with a winning driver.
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
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girl who runs track to attract guys but is a ho

usually fails epically when trying to run but occasionally isn't half bad at running, which annoys everyone else

a girl who runs track w/ one group of people and is a complete ho with another
she goes to parties at other school so they won't know she's a track ho

person 1-the only reason she joined track was so she could run all over the school wearing a sports bra and soffies
person 2- thats more than she wears normally. what a track ho

fuck! she's such a track ho but she beat my mile time by 15 seconds! life's not fair, man
by belladona23333 November 12, 2009
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A male or female that runs through sexual partners like they were at a track meat.
That track-ho has been with Toney, Jermaine, and Tre all in this past week.
by Shadow February 06, 2005
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