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Toyota cars now come standard with unstoppable acceleration, and faulty brakes. Hence, this year's Toyotathon will be geared towards those who throw caution to the wind, disregard the safety of themselves and others, or always wanted to try out a Runaway Truck ramp in a car. If you like living every day like it may be your last, there should be a Toyotathon in your area soon!
Jon Stewart of the Daily Show had a segment regarding the Toyotathon of Death.
Toyota-loving Idiot: "Hey, they're having another Toyotathon! Wanna go?!"
Smart American: "No, I really don't feel like buying a foreign car. Plus, dying in a twisted metal and plastic death-trap after not being able to stop at a stop light, mutilating 10 other people and listening to the screams of the maimed and dying doesn't really appeal to me. Count me out of the Toyotathon of Death. You Cash for Clunkers creepos should've bought American."
by Stinkpot McStinkerton February 03, 2010

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