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the name given to a drug user when he/she ingests too much of an illicit substance and becomes belligerent. The word was popularized by Al Jourgensen in the documentary, "Fix".
"I can't handle ecstasy; the last time I had some I turned into the Toxic Avenger."
#drugs #toxic avenger #overdose #belligerent #candy flipping
by Vaevictus5 November 16, 2012
1 Word related to Toxic Avenger
Getting a blowjob when angry at the giver, you time your fart to happen just before ejaculation so that when the blower recoils in disgust, you blow your load in their face.
I gave my girlfriend a toxic avenger after she burnt my toast
#sex #sex position #cruel #blow #blow job
by TomBot86 June 06, 2011
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