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When one is provied with one of those irresistible opportunities to render a spank to someone's behind, and, instead of going for the standard slap, one instead assumes a rock 'n roll stance (feet at least shoulder width apart, shoulders loose), makes an air guitar (with the neck and headstock pointing toward the waiting booty) and in classic Pete Townshend style, performes a windmill manuver culminating in a handful of ass. Shouting YEEEEAAAHHH afterwards is appropriate at one's own discretion.
Cute Girl is bending over, selecting a DVD from the shelf.

Her Boyfriend approaches and assumes a rock 'n roll stance, air guitar at ther ready and says to his Bro, "Dude say Townshend Spank."

Bro replies, "Townshend Spank?"

Boyfriend executes wicked windmill and connects!

Cute Girl is equal parts appaled and impressed.
by Vicente Alvarez October 23, 2010