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A term to describe a person who is obnoxious, specifically crazy talking, yelling, and even violent.

Town Hall is befitting the old days when town’s people would gather in a mob with pitch forks and torches to lynch someone without due process of law. These people often lacked education and the ability to reason, so any misinformation would get them riled. Usually there was a ring leader with personal business interests behind it all, and the more the mob yelled the more worked up these people would get.
Walter: Them dang aliens are trying to abduct me! I’m gonna git my gun and shoot them!

Lebowski: Gees Walter, that’s so Town Hall. There aren't any aliens, so put the gun down and chillax.
by ConcealedID August 09, 2009
when you see soemone fit you say 'town hall!
TOWN HALL 10 o'clock yeh!?
by ilovestacey January 10, 2008
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