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Originated from Achievement Hunter,

A Trophy Item that represents overall victory after a challenge has been completed in the Achievement Hunter MineCraft Let's Plays, displayed in the Achievement City. The Tower is 4 Gold Blocks stacked vertically upon a base, often the base is Obsidian (Ray's base is Dirt, Ryan's first tower's base was Netherrack).
First built by Gavin Free of RoosterTeeth's Achievement Hunter in Episode 2, it was brought back as an item competitors had to build in the 'Build a Tower' challenge. In total, the Tower has since been won by the competitors in 26 different occasions (to this present date) and if it existed in the real world it would stand 5 meters high and the solid gold value of it would be approximately 3.6 billion dollars.
Michael "Gavin has officially won the Tower of Pimps."
Gavin: "Dude I created the Tower of Pimps and now it's rightfully mine."
~ Let's Play Minecraft 23
by TDBTyler June 21, 2013
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