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Often used as the following of bands, in particular jam bands such as Phish, Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident
To be on tour, To go on tour
by P June 03, 2004
62 41
A night out with friends involving the excessive consumption of alcohol and cheating on your partner.
"Fucking hell I was twisted last night... fucked some tart, keep it quiet tho don't want <insert girlfriends name here> to find out"

"No worries bruv. What goes on, on tour stays on tour"
by TSC - Eric April 13, 2005
34 23
when someone cannot sit down and work but has to walk around and wave
'Hi C aren't you supposed to be revising'
'No E, i've just go to go and see this really important person in that non desrcript place'

E (to self) any excuse to go on a tour!
by deviouschink June 22, 2010
11 7
An all night experience with liquor, possibly drugs, and friends of your choice. There will be no sleep. Sex is optional. You go where the liquor takes you
Man i was on a dirty tour last night, im so hungover. i dont even know what happened
by 2344324 July 24, 2009
14 10
To go on an ecstacy binge for days at a time.
"I just popped 10 and ive been on tour for 12 days"
by mstek May 17, 2007
21 24
A 12-hour shift on an oil or gas drilling rig, usually from 12:00-12:00 or 6:00-6:00.
I spent a month offshore working the midnight tour and now my skin is pale as hell.
by Ian May 04, 2004
15 18
-To Leave quickly from an area
"Tour bud!"
by Glovemonkey June 05, 2003
7 21