Repeating, redundant, this thing has done it all, and better than you. A Touchfuzzy is equal part god, equal part dumbass. Know a kid who wont shut about about all his exploits and has to one up you? Its a Touchfuzzy situation here.
He's so Touchfuzzy.
by Richter Malus Harlequin Junior November 10, 2009
Top Definition
A person who is sensitive, takes things personally, and who can't take a joke. A person s in love it's beyond euphoria with not taking that joke. That could be described as butterflies in your logic.
Person A: I bet you can't last a week in Wisconsin.

Touchfuzzy: I'm so good at surviving there I'll drown in the cheese.
by Some_Random_Chick January 17, 2010
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