A shallow and lazy potboiler of a song associated with an otherwise talented and respectable artist.
Appeals to the philistine audience.
Seriously, the lyrics sound like she took three different songs she never finished writing and put them together to make one full length one.
A girl's gotta eat, I guess.

Mariah: "Touch my body"
Chump: OMG, I looooove this song!
by Kappu February 05, 2009
Top Definition
A catchy Mariah Carey song. "Touch My Body" is the first single released from E = MC2, a Mariah Carey album. In addition, it is Mariah Carey's 18th Number One single.
Boy 1: "Touch My Body!"

Boy 2: "EWW! What is that song?"

Girl 1: "Relax, it is a Mariah Carey song."

Girl 2: "Mariah Carey is awesome!!!"
by EddyD July 18, 2008
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