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Touch Cookie is an act used for sexual gratification orginating in eastern Bulgaria created under the name of 'докосване бисквитка'.

The act relies upon digestive timing and requires the receiver to be ready to 'lay cable' so to speak. At this pinnacle moment the person carrying out the act of 'touch cookie' would insert their tongue into the receivers anus until it touched the awaiting faecal matter firmly, the receiver would then gain sensation of having the faecal matter pushed back up slightly into the colon and the giver would gain gratification based on a prerequisite affection for 'scat play'.
'Did you hear Katie and Julia were playing touch cookie last night?? how rank is that? poked her poop with her tongue!!'

or as an insult as an alternative to 'eat/lick shit'

'Why don't you just go touch cookie and die, you asshole!'
by Spacedust May 31, 2009
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An individual, normally female, who has an excessive, uncontrollable need to touch their loved ones and friends.
I miss my husband so much. We talk on the phone everyday, but I am a real Touch Cookie and am feeling the need for some physical contact.
by Deadkennedy80 May 05, 2010

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