A British e-sport commentator mainly focusing on Starcraft 2 and WoW.
He has a youtube channel as well as a website.
He also does a very good series of first impression videos of new games called "WTF is...".
Have you watched the new WTF is video from Totalbiscuit yet?
Of course... I subscribe to his channel so I can watch them as soon as they come out.
by martin_mpop May 29, 2011
Top Definition
1) A british videogame broadcaster known for a deep cynical style who specialises in WoW, Starcraft and first impressions

2) Talking in a Shoutcasting way but not being the most knowledgable but being entertaining
Wow this guy is good at commentary though he is getting his ass handed to him!

Yeah he's definitly a totalbiscuit type
by The BT July 06, 2011
A piece of bread that has been dunked in a toilet
"Oi mate, I'll 'ave a total biscuit" *barman dunks a bagel in the loo*
by buttpainisreal March 31, 2015
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