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1. The act of enthusiastically spraying your ejaculate on or about your partners hindquarters after vigorous anal sex.

2. Rummaging through a friend's cabinet for a snack, only to find that he has a package of stale cookies, and informing that friend that you are going to throw said cookies away.
1. Trimble furiously drove his Kosher Missile into Grandma's Hershey Highway, but soon felt as though he was going to spill the gravy in the brown bbq pit, so grandma just said "Go ahead and toss yo' cookies darlin!".

2. Darnell: Hey Alfred yo stanky ass be keepin these stale muhfuckin cookies? I'm sorry dog but imma gonna have to go ahead and toss yo cookies homeslice!

Alfred: Ah dog, you know they got at least another week in'em!
by Mcwaffle August 04, 2008
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