Usually a young man from a privileged and sheltered background, who looks down his nose at the working class. Typically from a private school (see Eton) and attends either Oxbridge or some other top British universities. No common sense or real-world experience. Always supports the Conservative Party. Might be homophobic, despite the sexual idolisation of David Cameron.

Also a young working class male who is too irrational to see that the Conservative Party actually hates him and people like him. Used somewhat ironically, as true Tory boys laugh at commoners even if they do vote Tory.
"Gideon is such a Tory boy. He shops at Jack Wills and laughs at homeless people."

"Luke's a bit of a Tory boy. His family all vote Tory, even though they live on a council estate and Maggie Thatcher stole their jobs in the 1980s."
by otleybey April 28, 2010
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