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A small village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, twenty miles west of Aberdeen City itself.
Notable for three reasons;

a) It's startling number of loose women.
b) It's nine-hole golf course.
c) It's amateur football team, Torphins AFC.

But mainly the sluts.
a) Jamie Randomson: "Hey Dan, I saw you speaking to that goth-slut Catie Scotchman the other day."

Dan Laidalot: "Yeah, I totally got head from her last night. She's so easy, man, you should try her out sometime."

b) Samuel McDougal: "Damn, I was out on the 8th hole on tuesday and nearly scored an eagle; thwarted by that stupid sandtrap."

c) Marilyn Footballerson: "Torphins AFC were good last season; I hope they do as well this time round."
by Arcrombie March 25, 2012