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When a man is so drunk, he becomes a mute. He is seemingly deaf, and unable to communicate. He will often engage in squinty eyed staring spells and when someone returns the stare he has nothing to say. Due to intoxication, his neck gets weak and when he turns his head it resembles that of a bobble-head. He will randomly pass out regardless of location with little to no heads-up. Often, he will sneak into another's bedroom and try to pass out in their bed, but almost always get kicked out and ends up passing out on the couch anyways.
* "Hey Chris, are you tophing?"
Chris- (Silence)
"Well that was pretty self explanatory."

* "Hey bro we are all watching T.V and you are just staring at us...quit tophing"

*Damn Chris, you better quit drinking before you start tophing out.
by Carson Getzloff December 03, 2010