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Pat DiNizio, singer/rhythm guitarist/songwriter of the cool New Jersey garage rock/alternative rock band Smithereens says that this phrase, which is the title of a hit from their 1991 album "Blow Up", means basically "Hey man, c'est la vie". This is in the CD liner notes of the album "Blown to Smithereens, Best of the Smithereens".
Top Top, Top of the Pops Rock on!
by Eighties Man April 21, 2007
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The head/leader of the popular group, at least at King's High School for Girls Warwick. They have a tendency to be the sluttiest/most fake of all of the popular girls or is the evil genius behind how the group act. Most of the populars aspire to be like them or just follow her around. See popular girls for information on what popular girls are like.
(Note: Populars are not always popular, they just usually have a gaggle of brainless bimbo friends surrounding them)
There is a group of fake/slutty girls walking through the cafeteria, following one girl - she has only designer labels, has the shortest skirt in the school/year/grade/class and wears the most make up, but has the most devious brain too. Every one of her friends has to tag around with her or cater to her needs only, otherwise here comes a tantrum or one of the most evil comebacks yet. The one girl also has had the most boyfriends (most likely) and is usually the first to lose their virginity. The one girl is the top of the pops, aka the head cheerleader/sluttiest or most devious girl in school etcetera
by iHaTePoPs July 24, 2010

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