the love scene in recent times
the topsoil nowadays is getting shitty as we coup the goup my lopp uh nugga what
by wetdirt April 18, 2005
Top Definition
A chewing tobacco "dip" (either in long-cut or pouch form) put it one's upper lip. This is commonly done to reduce the need to spit, as less saliva comes in contact with the tobacco.
B-boy: "Let's throw in a top soil before we head into the stadium."
by CountryKingMN March 13, 2012
Topsoil is a word used to insult someone. Similar to calling someone a "dirt sack" but is much worse. Topsoil is worse than be being called "dirt" because top soil is what you walk on.
Pat *takes a hit out of rotation*
Tom: "Dude you're fucking top soil"
by bleu balls January 11, 2010
Debris resulting from aggressive homosexual anal intercourse with someone who failed to cleanse themselves thoroughly before getting ass-rammed. Can be found on a condom in the case of protected sex, on the penile shaft and glans in the case of unprotected sex, and in the pubic hair in both instances. Usually consists of fecal matter, but can sometimes include fragments of poorly digested foods such as corn kernels and peanuts.
That nasty bottom I met online didn't even shower, so I wiped the topsoil off on his bedsheets and took off.

It's just a little topsoil. It's natural. Don't stop. Fuck me!
by Nasty Portland Fucker August 07, 2009
A person who pretends to be loyal to somebody, but leaves when something else comes along.
User: "Someone needs to get this topsoil Adria out of here, she's so fake."

Other User: "I got this. Blocked and reported!"

Fam: "Go loyals!!"
by ohanafam April 12, 2015
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