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Aussie slang which defines a male who has overall good social qualities.
The word "bloke" defines a male character while 'top" defines the overall quality of the person.
Mick is a Top Bloke, he got us front seats for the show.
by 5p3ctrum June 19, 2011
A term used to describe the toppest of blokes. A "top bloke" is that carefree, gentle, kind, and simply perfect in nearly every way. Top blokes tend to be part Australian and often get told about their hot sister a lot.
Jake: "Hey, did you know Blake is just a top bloke?"
Joel: "Yeah, I heard he gave his lunch to a starving child. What a top bloke. Sister ain't bad too!"
Blake: "Aww thanks guys!"
by Good Compared to BL... March 11, 2014
Normally "Top Bloke" is aussie slang used to compliment people but it can be used as an inside joke to insult people horrifically. Meaning that they are an extreme faggot or dick who full on is gay and no one likes them.
Nick and Andy walked up to Tom and Nick called Tom a Top Bloke because Nick absolutely hates Tom's guts and then Andy laughed his ass off.
by A.M.C. ;) May 14, 2012
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