1. Another word for boothy.
2. A gay college boy that struts around in women's leather pants.
3. A smile that indicates that one wants to sleep with another. More specifically, the smile a gay man flashes another man.
2. Toothy fingered the hair in his bellybutton as he took pictures of himself in the mirror wearing his mother's clothes.
by carnival booth August 05, 2005
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1) Someone with horrible/big teeth.

2) Someone who can't sing

3) Someone who has random creepy stares when the music pauses.

4) Someone who may be mentally retarded.
"Oh my goodness, did you see her teeth? Nichole337 is such a Toothy."
by Toothy Fan August 19, 2009
(adj) second rate falatio that is usually painful because of the overuse of teeth.
She gives good head but it was kinda toothy.
by mikealika August 23, 2007
having a massive grin, usually to the extent where the teeth overshadow the rest of the face
That chick is so toothy you have to wonder who's the star of the show. Her or her teeth?

Toothy celebrities include:
by Robert GP September 04, 2006
The feeling that one gets from wanting to bite someone who is really sexy.
I get all toothy when you wear that strapless dress.
by Toothy One June 02, 2012
To get mouthy with someone. To show tooth.
That broads gett'n awful toothy over there. If that hooker mouth shows tooth she's getting the boot.
by Sir Captain of Wynn Bay May 04, 2005
To Toothy someone is to correct there spelling AND/OR grammar AND/OR pronunciation in an incredibly anal way.
(20:46:57) (@Siffy) I wan't more stargate sg1s tbh
(20:49:46) (@Toothy) No, you want more sg1's to be honest.
by YONick April 03, 2007
The english translation of :D in instant messanger.
Use toothy and you will appear happier.
by Wendy December 13, 2004

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