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The beliefs of Toolism.
I- Females are the master sex.
II- Blind-loyalty to all females.
III- Offerings must be made to females lately.
IV- Study guides WILL be given during all tests or quizzes to females.
V- iPhone will given to females at least 3 hours daily.
VI- All who disagree will be called ridiculous/immature and be punished.
VII- All who rebel will be expelled from the Tool Shed.
VIII- nonbelievers must be converted and a female friend will be rewarded for
one hour minimum.
IX- You shall not cover your neighbor's tool.
X- You shall not use the name of the lord your owner in vain.
All people who follow these commandments will be awarded the golden screwdriver of
the year award.
If I follow the Tool Commandments girls may like me and be my friend.
by The Tool Master March 27, 2009
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