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When calling someone a "tool" or "tool bag" just does'nt quite define that person. Tool Chest encompases all that is
defined under "tool" and then some.

If you have ever called someone multiple names including "tool," simply replace all said names with "Tool Chest."
Person 1:
"Brad is such a Douche bag Loser who needs to be punched in his fat head!"

Person 2:
"Brad is a Tool Chest."
by Ridge727 February 24, 2012
A tool chest is another name for an over populated bar full of douches.
Joe Blow - "Man I'm glad we left that last bar, it was such a tool chest."
by Demonball March 20, 2015
A female version of a toolbox.
She's such a toolchest, she deserved to get fired.
by Matt February 07, 2004
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