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1. Member and choreographer in Kaba Modern; He is well known for competing in America's Best Dance Crew with 5 other members of Kaba Modern (yuri, cindy, jia, lawrence, and mike)

2. He is well known for his amazing isolations, giving him the nickname "isolator."

3. Also well known for his hand move (where his fingers run down his other fingers on his other hand) which was in episode 4 of America's Best Dance Crew. (Episode 4 was the movie challenge, where Kaba Modern had to create a story of geeks and popular girls.]

4. All the girlies love him because of his snake bites, plugs, and his style.

5. Tony is 20 and is from west covina, CA. Oh yes I forgot, Tony Tran is insanely hot.
Tony Tran's isolations make my heart go wild.

Ey yo are you watching ABDC? Yeah, Tony Tran is so hot.
by technologic April 01, 2008
the sweetest and cutest boy in the world.

he's a sweetheart. period.
Tony Tran is the cutest boy ever!
by jsacnijuf April 09, 2010
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