Toni can be a very slow girl at times nd sometimes dont care wat she dose as long as she knows what up. And when it cames to family Toni always there no matter what happens. Oh when she gets into fights she dont care what about to go down as long as she knows when and what place and at what time. Toni can be a sweet person when they need to be well as long as you are nice to her she will be back. Toni got a very open mind dont care or thinks whta she about to say as long as she says it. Even when she dont take bullshit! But Toni can be a very loving girl when she wants to be. Oh and she dont like anything that go's with fake...
Why dont she be open?

Cause she anit no Toni!!!
by katie ham October 05, 2010
A sexy person, who loves to flirt with every guy even if she has a boyfriend. A Toni is someone who is very random and weird, but very hot.
" I want me some Toni, oooh, " boner Flirt Hot Sexy Sex Kiss Bed
by omgzperson December 27, 2011
TONI- (in my book) the hot chick from Canada i can always talk to and laugh and kill time with
You meet her on steam, and she made me use my gay facebook more often xD Her name is Toni and she likes weed cookies xD
by mat126 September 06, 2010
A term of endearment for either a male or female. It can be combind with other words that rhyme depending on how good of a friend that person is.
You are my favorite, Teeny Tonis Pony with the mini hula hoop. or I wanted to ask if you and Brother Tonis Pone have plans for Saturday night?

by Toney Pone July 10, 2008
a word for a boy that is insanely attractive and sweet. a tonis usually has a very large and very tasty penis.
Your such a tonis. Fuck me. Harder. Oh yes. UUUUUUH. Ohhhhh. Right there. Oh yeah baby.
by ad;kjakldsjklfasd November 14, 2007
A toni is a male who will suck dick to get what he wants. He prefers black males but any dick will do.
Bob is a total toni. He has been blowing customers all day , just so he can try to be manager some day. Dick gay queer douche monkey lover anal
by enterprise February 03, 2015
A girl with long hair that reaches down to her knees. Many guys mistaken her for being pretty but she isn't really. The only thing she has special going on for her is her excessive long straight her. Other than that she's flat chested with A size tits, has no figure, no butt, and would look like a guy if her hair was short. She also has big lips like a black girl which is why she tries to act black when she isn't. Her boyfriend recently broke up with her because she's a total bitch that flirts with any guy she sees and because he was incapable of titty fucking her since she has small tits. She use to live in Buena Park but this specimen has now herded to Westminster in CA. No guy likes her and guys only talk to her because they just want a quick fuck and then just quit it. That's all she's good for. Buy her drinks, get her drunk, and she will give you bomb head and after that quit it or pass it to your friend.
"That girl Toni has long hair too bad she's such a butter face"

"Toni has long hair but her tits are too small"

"Was with Toni last night she was pretty easy to get in bed"

"That girl Toni acts too ghetto for me"
by BRO MAN07 October 10, 2011

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