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1. Having the characteristics of a tongue. Can be used to describe a number of things ranging from romantic experiences to objects resembling the appearance, feel, or other aspects of a tongue. Some people have attempted with mixed levels of success to use this word as a way to earn four more points in a game of Scrabble by adding the letter 'y' to the word 'tongue'.
a. When I reached into the box, I was disgusted to find a very tonguey object inside.
b. I would have won that game of Scrabble, but the word 'tonguey' has not been added to the Merriam-Websters Dictionary yet.
by Scrabble Man May 20, 2009
6 3
The mark of The Chosen One, from the movie "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist."

Basically, it's Steve Oedekerk's "talking tongue." Even though the movie wasn't all that great, Tonguey made the whole thing worth watching.
Yea, yea!!!!!!!! *wink*
by Jason L. April 12, 2005
15 4
A kiss in which one or both partners use too much tongue.
I made out with my best friend, but because we were so drunk, it was too tonguey.
by Kay-tee December 30, 2006
5 5