A Deity that exists as an Avatar in human form. Currently exists as a teenager in the United Kingdom. Will soon become an extremely important asset to the world as we know it.

Any other people who "Claim" to have their names as Tomsky are merely frauds. The true Tomsky has been known to add "Twisted" before "Tomsky" as an alias to hide his real identity.
"Track down the Avatar of Lightning. Otherwise known as Tomsky..."
by TRW Arkell January 24, 2007
Top Definition
Giving a guy a hand job after reaching into his pocket for something that wasn't his penis in the first place.
"I am going to reach into your pocket for gum."
(5 seconds later...)

"This isn't gum, but I'll play anyway!"


"She totally gave him a Tomsky at the party last week"
by David Andrew Jensen March 12, 2009
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