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The place where people who do heroin and all sorts of drugs can all come together. The park located in the East Village in Manhattan on Avenue A. Also, a great place and hang out spot to get heroin connections, buy dope, do dope (discretely though, since theirs lots of under cover cops), find other addicts, where freight train hopping squatters stay at when they come to new york city. Home to the homeless people of lower manhattan. Also, a great place to go if you hate your life, and wants to share some nice dirty needles with some one and catch some yummy diseases like Hepatatis ,aids, stds, Scabies, etc.
Person #1- "Hey dude you wanna go down to Tompkins Square park and get some dope?"

Person #2- "No thanks man, i dont wanna catch hep c"

Person #1- "Oh no dude dont worry, I already have it"
by Shlimey man January 01, 2011
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